The online gamefied course to get to a ‘Business Model’ and a ‘Business Plan’ being run in partnership with NEN/TiE/Classle/I Create/. Students will enjoy the challenge and the exercise. The online gamefied course takes care of colleges in tier 2 cities as well as urban colleges. This requires no human intervention and we will track each of the students and evaluate them. Unknown to them as they reach the next level of the gamefication tool, they will arrive at their Business model and Business plan. If all of them take part in this it would mean that most of our students would have touched building a business plan /model to a certain extent to some level or the other. If it catches on it could spread like wild fire. The filtered students/ideas out of this will come for the higher level course and intensive ideation/getting started and mentoring with NEN and TiE and could end up starting up companies and finally they can nominate themselves for Tata First Dot Powered by NEN. The students who finish the course will receive certificates for the same and these will be high value and it must be aspirational.

These are the kind of platforms one must use to make entrepreneurship viral. Technology is the way to be. It comes at a cost of 175/- per head for an 8 week course. The partners actually wanted no charges, but there will be no commitment from students if it is given free…hence a charge of 100+75 toward tax. If a major section of your students or all of your students take this we will easily be able to talk a certain entrepreneurship language with them through the coming year. We are looking at a minimum of 3000 to 4000 to take part from bigger colleges and a proportionate number from smaller colleges. Will make things a lot more meaningful and easier since they have had some intervention toward a B model and a B plan.

you can use in your respective websites. The web site link is https://www.classle.net/blastcamp