With the NEN 2014-2015 recruitment's done, Idea Dimension is all set to take on the tasks set for the year 2014-2015.

Group Discussions to assess the new recruits

The recruitment's took place earlier this week. It was not easy with all the timing constraints and the imposed rules by each of the HOD's of the respective departments but the Els and Tls combined, pulled it off with what you can say, a well played scenario. The entirety of the recruitment's happened like a festival to both the recruiting and recruited parties. The response from the new recruits was well received and it is good to see that they are enthusiastic towards NEN- Idea Dimension.
The now entire team of NEN- Idea Dimension 2014-2015 which consists of Seven Els, Four Deputy Els, Twenty-three Tls and all the new recruits will be gearing up to take on the many events planned for the upcoming year.
It will be a very busy year ahead.