So here we are, at the later half of September. Idea Dimension NEN has been active the past week, so much that there are now complaints of being over active. Well, that was the intention from the beginning so it means we are doing our job properly.

The past week till date has been very productive. The campus company WebC, has received its first client, Travellers times magazine. WebC would now undertake the work of designing the website for the above mentioned.

Now coming to the fun part, there have been two events that have been conducted in the past week. One was Ad making and the other was 'Smash' JAM.

Ad making had a proper blend of team work and creativity. The Ads consisted topics of pen, lipstick, life insurance and much more

Smash JAM was one of its kind of an event which has captured many Team members hearts, It is going around that an encore has been requested by the members for this event. Well we do not know when, but this request will be fulfilled soon.

The event Stock Market has been started and the interested people are welcomed to participate in it.

NEN Idea Dimension 2014-2015 promises to bring much more fun and wide variety of events.
Until then. Stay great.

NEN Idea Dimension, WE CAN. WE WILL