And the month ends.... Along with it all the prerequisites are met for Idea Dimension. So let us take a quick overview of the month.
It mostly went with the recruitment of the Team leaders and Team members. There were also two campus companies that took off this very month. So all the variables are into the equation now and the beginning for the year 2014-2015 is upon us.

So as a final touch to the ending of the month, the ranking of the top five Team leaders will be listed below.

The top five of month July 2014 are

1) Abhishek Bagalwadi
2) Padmaja Nistala
3) Rahul Thakur
4) Shruti Singh
5) Aaron Kolanti

All the twenty four Team leaders have worked well, no doubt about it. The decision was made by all the E leaders unanimously after looking at the individual performances during the team member recruitment. We have many more months to look forward to, this is not final, this is just the beginning, and i am sure many of you didn't reveal all of your skills yet. So we hope for a better competition in the next month. One important thing. Coming to the top five is easy, maintaining it, now that, will be a challenge.

Good luck and may the best win.