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Wall Street 2015

Name of the Event: Wall Street
Date: 28/09/2015
The event “Wall Street” was conducted by Archana Dash (TL of Creative Dept.).  The Event was targeted to improve the entrepreneurship skill of NEN members and keep them up-to-date of the present marketing scenario.

The event consisted of two levels
  • Level 1: Tag lines, where in the participants guess the tag line of some reputed companies.
  • Level 2: Ad-making - in this level, participants make an Advertisement on a startup idea of their own and present it.

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Induction Ceremony 2015-16

We welcome all the NEN E-Leads, Team Leads and the new recruits for the Induction Ceremony of IDEA DIMENSION 2015-16, the E-cell of Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology.

Name: Idea Dimension (NEN) Induction Ceremony 2015-2016
Date: 14/09/2015
Time: 2 PM
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall, Block-1,GCET
Chief Guest: Miss. Mandakini  Rao

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Friendship Stall - For a Good Cause

Name of Event: Friendship Day Stall
Date: 31st July 2015
The Friendship Day Stall was put up to show the true essence of Friendship and togetherness in the college. The total budget of the Stall turned out to be Rs.1000 where we could collect around Rs.1500. Handmade Friendship Bands and Greeting Cards were designed and sold to the people in the College.

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Team Members Recruitment 2015

Name: Idea Dimension Team Member Recruitment 2015
Date: 24th & 25th July 2015
Time: 1:30 PM
Venue: Old Seminar Hall, Block-2, GCET Campus
Designation: Team Members
  • The candidate must be active
  • The candidate must have active participation in the events organised by NEN
  • The candidate must have a Clear view about their own startup/Idea of Project

After Event Description:
The Team Members Recruitment was organised by the Team Leaders (T.L’s) panel which consists of 20 members.

A panel of 3 was created and the Team Members interviews were conducted, where 120 Students attended for the Recruitment out of which 46 were selected.
We got a good response and Team members were judge on their Skills, Confidence and based upon their Potential.

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Team Leader Recruitment 2015

Name of the Event: Team Leaders Recruitment 2015
Date: 16th July 2015
The Team Leaders Recruitment was organised by the Elected Leads (E.L’s) Panel which consists of 15 members which contains 4 Portfolio’s mainly i.e. Creative, Marketing, Online Tech Support and Start-up.

A panel of 2 was created and the Team leader’s interviews were conducted, where 30 Team Leaders were Interviewed basing on their interests, ideas and Vision and 20 were selected.
We got a good response and Team Leaders were judged based on their Skills and based upon their Performances as Team Members.

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Idea Dimension EL 2016 Recruitment

Name: Idea Dimension Recruitment
Date: 09/07/2015
Venue: Seminar Hall, GCET Campus
Designation: E-Lead
  • The candidate must be active
  • The candidate must hold at least one project (Startup)
  • The candidate must have a Clear view about their own startup/Idea of Project

Documents Required
  • Documentation about your Profile
  • Documentation about Project

Fore more details Contact ELead2015
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So here we are, at the later half of September. Idea Dimension NEN has been active the past week, so much that there are now complaints of being over active. Well, that was the intention from the beginning so it means we are doing our job properly.

The past week till date has been very productive. The campus company WebC, has received its first client, Travellers times magazine. WebC would now undertake the work of designing the website for the above mentioned.

Now coming to the fun part, there have been two events that have been conducted in the past week. One was Ad making and the other was 'Smash' JAM.

Ad making had a proper blend of team work and creativity. The Ads consisted topics of pen, lipstick, life insurance and much more

Smash JAM was one of its kind of an event which has captured many Team members hearts, It is going around that an encore has been requested by the members for this event. Well we do not know when, but this request will be fulfilled soon.

The event Stock Market has been started and the interested people are welcomed to participate in it.

NEN Idea Dimension 2014-2015 promises to bring much more fun and wide variety of events.
Until then. Stay great.

NEN Idea Dimension, WE CAN. WE WILL
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As a part of NEN Idea Dimension now going to the literary side, a newsletter is going to be launched by the end of this month. As a part of that, a sample of the original newsletter has been prepared and published. This newsletter will give you insight of things like never before. Hope this brings you fun and knowledge

Please do leave a review. And authors are welcomed to participate in the newsletter to make it better. 
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Induction Ceremony Idea Dimension 2014-15

Induction Ceremony 2014

We welcome all the NEN members and the new recruits for the induction ceremony of IDEA DIMENSION 2014-15, the Ecell of Geethanjali College of Engineering and technology. This academic year has started off with a good pace! Lets work our best and enjoy all along.

Name: Idea Dimension (NEN) Induction Ceremony 2014-2015
Date: 07/08/2014
Time: 2PM
Venue : CSE Seminar Hall - IT floor,
Chief Guest: Mr.Rahul Krishnan 


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